CEOC was established in April 1965 as Cambridge’s designated community action anti-poverty agency, and it has never strayed from its mission to challenge poverty’s causes and impacts. CEOC is working harder than ever to provide individual and family support, advocacy and organizing to empower  CEOC participants and community members to have their voices heard by policy makers in setting public policy that directly impacts them.

At CEOC, we realize that our programs and public policy advocacy are critical because of the economic challenges that confront low and limited income individuals and families.  Those with limited and low incomes continue to experience the burden of not being able to make ends meet.  Many individuals and families are working hard and playing by the rules but are still not able to make ends meet.  CEOC works with participants to build their economic stability to maximize their ability to move out of poverty.  CEOC also advocates for public policies that support individuals and families attempts to move out of poverty.
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