Dear Friends,

We join with others who believe that the strength of America is that we are a nation of immigrants. But the recent Presidential orders have created a disparagement of that long held concept. The media is reporting daily stories of discrimination; racism and bigotry, by those who feel that it is now ok to engage in hate speech and threats.

At CEOC, we are committed to stand and join with others to speak out against bigotry and injustice. Many of us at CEOC are immigrants ourselves or the first or second generation born here.   For over 50 years CEOC has provided services and advocacy to marginalized low-income individuals and families to gain economic stability. CEOC has always challenged systems and public policy initiatives that attempted to create sanctions and unjust practices for those seeking economic security.

CEOC will not step back from its over 50-year history of public policy advocacy at local, state and federal level to insure that the policy makers hear all our voices.

This is America’s greatness - listening to and responding to all its people, with justice for all. CEOC stands in solidarity with all those who hold these values, especially our participants. CEOC will challenge the purveyors of fear and ask that you join with us in this fight, the fight for the true and just soul of America.

This is our Commitment to You.


CEOC Board and Staff.


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